Wednesday, April 14, 2010

May Day Disability Expo

Saturday 1st May 2010
Invercargill Workingmen's Club
10am - 3pm
70 Exhibititors
FREE Health Checks
Competitions, one just for kids
Try a Nintendo Wii
LUCKY DOOR PRIZE Nintendo Wii Console

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paul Henry is a wally

Paul Henry, one of the hosts of the TVNZ Breakfast show, proved to us that he is an uninformed, insensitive dick this week. On the Monday edition he and Pippa Wetzell were discussing articles in the women's magazines and Paul picked on Britain's Got Talent winner, Susan Boyle, to insult and ridicule. He ended up insulting people with intellectual disabilities as well with his discriminatory, uneducated remarks.
Here is a transcript of the abuse:

Paul Henry: I don’t want to go crazy on Susan Boyle but more revelations are coming out about Susan Boyle. As you can see the one there titled (points to magazine) I was beaten, it says she was ritualistically beaten, virtually every day, not just by other children at school but by her teachers… (starts laughing) as well. Why?

Pippa Wetzell interrupts: That is not funny.

Paul Henry: No its not. (laughs again)

Pippa Wetzell: That’s awful.

Paul Henry: Yes and that’s why you’re here, to make sure people know that. It isn’t funny, it’s horrible and that’s why she was quivering.

Pippa Wetzell: She’s had such a tragic life that woman.

Paul Henry: She has, but its come good now though hasn’t it?

Pippa Wetzell: Well it has but long overdue.

Paul Henry: Well here’s the really interesting revelation in this latest magazine. She is in fact retarded umm… (starts laughing)

Pippa Wetzell: You are shocking.

Paul Henry: It’s official. She has an intellectual disability (laughing) She suffered… what happened was… and this is always bad (still laughing) she was starved of oxygen and suffered from a mild intellectual disability.

Pippa Wetzell: Aww…

Paul Henry: And if you look at her carefully (points to photo in magazine) you can make it out, can’t you?

Pippa Wetzell: You don’t know what you’re talking about. (Changes to new story).

If you want to put in a formal complaint to TVNZ about this you can do so by going to the TVNZ website and completing a feedback form. Make sure you put Formal Complaint somewhere in the email.

Alternatively you can complain via the Human Rights Commission online complaints service:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Call for Speakers

The NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres is calling for speakers to present at its Training Conference in Queenstown next year. The theme of the conference is RD 2010 - the challenges of rural delivery of services in 2010 and beyond. Presenters can apply for a whole session or a 'round table' 15 minute presentation. Anyone interested should download the Call for Speakers document HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'm forwarding some information on our Adaptive Open Day. On September 5th, if you have a disability and want to try Snowsports everything will be free. That includes your lift pass, equipment rental, a lesson and volunteer support throughout the day. With the different adaptive equipment available virtually anyone can safely experience the freedom of Snowsports.

In addition we are offering 2 for 1 deals on lift passes or tubing for the families or fulltime caregivers of the participants in the open day. So lose all your excuses and come and enjoy the Remarkables.

As there will be some limitations in the amount of adaptive equipment that we have available, priority will be given to people from the Wakatipu, Southland and Cromwell areas who are trying Snowsports for the first time. However we hope to be able to accommodate everyone.

Anyone who would like to attend would need to complete the attached booking forms and return them to us via email or fax to: (+64) 03 442 6257. The forms can also be posted to The Remarkables Snowsports School at PO Box 359 Queenstown.

If you can pass this onto anyone you think may be interested that would be great! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

Rachel Cunningham
Coronet Peak and The Remarkables Snowsports School
P.O. Box 359

Phone: 03 442 4908
Fax: 03 442 4637

An Introduction to Adaptive Equipment
This information was taken from
In 2002 a project was initiated by Disabled Snowsports NZ to equip the major ski areas around New Zealand with adaptive equipment. Each ski area that holds adaptive equipment on behalf of Disabled Snowsports is also encouraged to provide qualified adaptive instructors who are familiar with the equipment.
Members of DSNZ have priority and pay a reduced rental on this equipment. It is recommended that guests contact the mountain before their visit to book any equipment they require in advance.
The following table lists the adaptive equipment that is currently available to hire at mountains in New Zealand.
Image Description Availability

Stand up alpine skiing. For those that can support and balance their body weight. Bibs can be used by visually impaired skiers and their guides so other users of the slopes can identify them.
People with these impairments might 2-track: visual impairments, cognitive impairments.
Hire equipment available at all mountains

Stand up skiing using one ski and two hand-held outriggers.
People with these impairments might 3-track: amputees, post-polio.
Mt Dobson
Mt Hutt

Stand up skiing using two skis with two hand-held outriggers for balance. Designed for those with leg strength and/or stability issues.
People with these impairments might 4-track: cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, post-polio, spinal cord injury, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Spina Bifida, amputees.
Mt Dobson
Mt Hutt

A seat mounted on a single ski through a spring suspension system. Outriggers are used for balance and propulsion on flat snow. Designed to be skied independently on all terrain. Mono-skis are used by people with lower limb impairments with reasonable balance.
People with these impairments might mono-ski: brain trauma, double amputee, post-polio, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, spina-bifida.
Mt Hutt

A sit ski with a moulded bucket seat and two skis. Can be used with hand-held or fixed outriggers. The skier moves their head, shoulders or hand-held outriggers to turn the bi-ski. Generally a support person tethers the bi-ski for safety. Bi-skis are used by people with upper and lower limb impairments and with poor balance.
People with these impairments might bi-ski: cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, amputees, high level spinal cord injury, severe epilepsy, Spina Bifida, severe balance impairment.
Mt Hutt

A sit ski with two nordic skis under a seat. The skis run in pre-cut tracks on groomed trails, and poles are used to spike the snow to generate the skating motion. Nordic skiing can have a higher comfort level than alpine skiing as the sport is done at a lower pace.
People with these impairments might nordic ski: brain trauma, double amputee, post-polio, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, spina-bifida. Snow Farm

Boarders stand up, some with hand-held outriggers that can be used for balance.
People with these impairments might snowboard: visual impairments, cognitive impairments, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, post-polio, spinal cord injury, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Spina Bifida, amputees.
Hire equipment available at all mountains

Elbow crutches with the tip section of a ski pivoted on the bottom of the crutch. Some outriggers have adjustable brakes attached to the back edge of the ski to give some speed control. Outriggers are used to aid balance and/or to give support. Outriggers are used by mono-skiers, bi-skiers and standing skiers needing aid with balance.
Mt Dobson
Mt Hutt

Ski links (Ski bra)
A device that is clamped onto the tips of a pair of skis. It stops the ski tips from crossing or from spreading too far apart. Ski Links are useful for people with weakness in their legs.
Mt Dobson
Mt Hutt

Recommended for all skiers or snowboarders, and required for users of mono-skis or bi-skis. Hire equipment available at all mountains


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Cameron Leslie had no idea winning the Attitude Sportsman of the Year Award late last year would lead him completely out of his comfort zone. The 2008 gold medal winning paralympian swimmer is used to testing himself and doing hours of pool training. But when the crew from Attitude TV suggested joining them in learning bush survival in a remote South Island forest, he had to think twice.
Going into the bush, let alone spending a night alone, is something the athlete with a quadruple limb deficiency had never contemplated. But he joined Attitude TV (TV One 10am Sundays) presenters Curtis Palmer and Kristy Munro and fellow paralympian Kate Horan and survived the challenge.

He has even done a second - going into Australia's Outback on a jackaroo adventure- and has been inspired to study journalism at university.

Attitude TV in conjunction with Parafed Auckland is now looking for more Cameron Leslies. Entries have opened for the second annual Attitude Awards and are open until September 4 with finalists selected soon after.

There are nine categories in the awards, including sport, courage in sport, community, artistic achievement, youth, spirit of attitude, employer, person of the year and Attitude Hall of Fame. Entrants will range from supreme NZ athletes to Kiwis who family, friends and neighbours think should be recognised for their courage, perseverance or support for people who live with disabilities.

Entry forms can be downloaded from the website.

Attitude producer and presenter Curtis Palmer says the team was impressed with the number of entrants last year and hope to see even more entrants this time around.
Dr Jan White, ACC Chief Executive says ACC is proud to return as a principal sponsor of the Attitude Awards.

"Last year's entrants were hugely inspiring and showed outstanding resolve and determination and I'm sure this year's entrants will be just as strong," Dr White says. "We were particularly impressed with the employers last year, who demonstrated exceptional commitment to people with disabilities and proved that a disability, whether through injury or otherwise, should not be a barrier to success in the workplace."

The Lion Foundation has returned to support the awards too. A spokesman says the Foundation is proud to support the awards because its goal is to support and help people achieve great things in their communities and the Attitude Awards play a special role in recognising many people with disabilities who have achieved.

Southern Cross Healthcare, Air New Zealand, Invacare, Westpac, Wayne Francis Charitable Trust, Perry Foundation and Drake Medox have also committed to supporting the awards.

The winners in each category will be announced at a black tie event at Eden Park's ASB Lounge in Auckland on December 3, coinciding with World Disability Day.
The Federation would like to bring this great initiative to the attention of all members. The Attitude Awards honor the outstanding achievements of New Zealanders living with a disability and are now open for entries for the second year running. This is a wonderful opportunity for member Centres to encourage people with disabilities to enter.

Any questions or queries about the Awards should be directed to Jane Pickering at the address shown below.

trio communications limited po box 91482 auckland new zealand t +64 9 307 2213 m +64 27 375 8442 f +64 9 307 2213.

From: NZ Federation of Disability Information Centres July 2009 newsletter

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Day 209

Another successful expo over for the year. Thanks from DRC to all exhibitors, SIT nurses/Tutors, sponsors, volunteers and everyone who attended. We hope you all got something worthwhile out of the day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

May Day 2009

Bigger and better than ever. May Day Disability Expo, 2nd May 2009 at Invercargill Workingmens Club, 10am - 3pm. FREE ENTRY. Over 65 exhibitors, Free health checks, Free B4 School checks, Prizes, giveaways, competitions, Bazaar. Hundreds of dollars of giveaways. Morning tea ($4) and the famous Workies cooked lunch ($8) available Corinthian Restaurant.
Check out what organisations are attending in the Community Section or Capabilities April 2009.
See you there!